My Story

Three decades in the trenches of journalism. More than 1,000 articles in national magazines. Four books. Some television, some radio. Mainly, I’m a writer.

Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year Silver Award

Stints as an editor—five years at the start of my career, eight years as editor of the Outside Buyer’s Guide (published by Outside magazine), occasional consultant on makeovers and launches. Editor at large of National Geographic Adventure for many years. Cofounder and editor of The Masters Athlete.

Four National Magazine Awards for General Excellence—Outside and National Geographic Adventure—during the years I wrote and edited for them.

Copywriter for agencies and commercial clients. Print ads, websites, sales letters, taglines, branding stuff.

Author of How to Write for Magazines (ebook)—because I’m so often asked for guidance by other writers, and saw nowhere in print or online to send them. How do I put this politely? Most sites and books that purport to guide freelance writers are staffed by people who themselves have not freelanced successfully.

Thirty-Plus Years Distilled into Bullet Points

  • Travel Journalist of the Year Lowell Thomas Silver Award (for a year’s body of work)
  • Three-time Lowell Thomas Award Winner (for individual travel stories)
  • Freelance writer since 1982
  • More than 1,000 articles in national magazines
  • Author of Backroads of New England, Backroads of Southern California, The RVer’s Money Book, and How to Write for Magazines
  • Editor at Large, National Geographic Adventure
  • Editor, Outside Magazine Buyer’s Guide
  • Correspondent, Outside magazine
  • Contributor to National Geographic Books
  • Grammar geek
  • Lover of the outdoors
  • Adventure traveler
  • Cyclist
  • Hiker
  • Trail runner
  • Poet
  • Husband
  • Brother
  • Uncle
  • Son
  • Blessed with hundreds of incredible friends